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 Lightning D-Day (Decision Games)
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This area is for discussion of the new card game released by Decision Games, and designed by long-time master of this genre, Dan Verssen.

Walt Mulder - Jul 2, 2004 4:55 pm (#1 Total: 129)  

...semper lusio  
[Mulder, Walt]
What news?

Are these games released and in stores yet? Also, do they bear any resemblance in terms of game play to the former DG game NUTS! ?

bill meyers - Jul 2, 2004 8:40 pm (#2 Total: 129)  

[meyers, bill]

hi guys, & walt

ordered today (7/2/04) both lightning games but did not get an e-mail confirm. is that right? have you started shipping? looking foward to playing them. good luck bill

Tim Allen - Jul 2, 2004 9:57 pm (#3 Total: 129)  

Yes, it's the apocalypse alright. I always thought I'd have a hand in it.  
[Allen, Tim]

I thought the blurbs and the scanty info on Decisions site made it sound more like Magic than Nuts! More card game and less of a wargame than Nuts was, I expect. Oh, hell, who are we fooling? We're gonna buy it no matter what its like!

Walt Mulder - Jul 2, 2004 11:45 pm (#4 Total: 129)  

...semper lusio  
[Mulder, Walt]
We're gonna buy it no matter what its like!

Yeah, probably. Though I'm reaching maximum density in my available game space, these are small enough to cram in a corner somewhere.

As far as the game goes, I read the blurbs also. I'm wondering if there are objective cards to be played and taken like Battlecards, or if it's just trump the last card played to take points. The Midway one sounded interesting with carriers and airstrikes. They could turn out to be nice light filler games.

An online set of rules would be nice to help make a purchase decision.

Peter Bartlett - Jul 3, 2004 12:20 am (#5 Total: 129)  

Semper Gumby  
[Bartlett, Peter]
I pre-ordered both D-Day and Midway, though they haven't arrived yet. No big surprise as my copy of DAK II arrived here in Canada about 2 weeks + after folk down south reported receiving it. Still, I'd like to get them before summer vacation so I can try them out with my son. Card games are easier to toss in a suitcase.

Peter Bogdasarian - Jul 3, 2004 12:24 am (#6 Total: 129)  

[Bogdasarian, Peter]
Walt - in D-Day, there are 5 beaches, with a deck of force cards assigned to each beach. The aim is for the Allies to control as many beaches as possible at the end of the game (5 turns?) by eliminating the German force cards assigned to the beaches.

The majority of the cards in D-Day modify the fighting and a player must therefore allocate his resources among the beaches. In a nice twist, each turn presents a different set of modifiers (the Allies push harder in the later turns) and the total hand size of both players increases.

Lance Nielsen - Jul 3, 2004 8:30 pm (#7 Total: 129)  

Coming to consim between filming in Lagos this year - fun times!  
[Nielsen, Lance]
I saw the cards for both games at Monstercon and have to say the components looked real nice.

Tim Allen - Jul 3, 2004 10:04 pm (#8 Total: 129)  

Yes, it's the apocalypse alright. I always thought I'd have a hand in it.  
[Allen, Tim]
(My girlfriends headshot is more pleasing to the eye)

Wha...? Your girlfriend? I am amazed...geeks and babes rarley mix well.

Paul O'Connor - Jul 4, 2004 12:24 pm (#9 Total: 129)  

[O'Connor, Paul]
Played yesterday and lost as the Axis. A good game, with a very different feel from Midway. I like that the Axis have incentive to attack (because getting a breakthrough at a beach can really wreck the Allies), but I must have taken things too far, because on the final turn the Allies took four of the five beaches for an Historical win.

Running out of cards as the Axis is UGLY ... the Allies can snipe your units to death. So if you go on the offensive, you must still have a reserve of cards in your hand, or you'll never survive the Allied half of the turn.

It's a bit of a grinder, but that's appropriate for the situation. I'd rate it just a notch below Midway after one play, but I can see how in the long run I might end up liking it better.

Bob Hamel - Jul 5, 2004 2:33 pm (#10 Total: 129)  

Currently playing: VITP,Hannibal,BKN,Tigers in Mist- Consim Blog - Hamel,Bob  
[Hamel, Bob]
It's turn 5 of the Allied turn (end of game). The Allied player has 1 active force and no uncommitted forces. The German player has 1 active force and 1 uncommitted force. The Allied player attacks and wins the battle but has no more actions that he can make. Does the Allied player "win the beach" since there are no more "active" forces on the beach? Or does nobody take the beach since there is still a "German force" on the beach? Again, both this an Midway are fast, fun games.

Dan Verssen - Jul 5, 2004 3:51 pm (#11 Total: 129)  

Dan Verssen Games (DVG)  
[Verssen, Dan]

Good question. The rules should have specified Active German Forces on a Beach. In your example, the Allied player would control the Beach.

Thank you,
-Dan Verssen

Bob Hamel - Jul 6, 2004 9:01 am (#12 Total: 129)  

Currently playing: VITP,Hannibal,BKN,Tigers in Mist- Consim Blog - Hamel,Bob  
[Hamel, Bob]
Three more questions:

On turn 1, there are two beaches (Utah and Gold) that the German actives a card and it says that force can perform action at no cost. Does this mean the German can, on turn 1 activate the card, then attack and destroy the top inactive Allied force on both of either or both ofthose beaches without an Allied respone? (if these cards were the first to be turned over - the German has a 1 in 3 chance that this will happen on each beach).

2nd question; The card Stragglers (Allied) says treat as force card, and also says to play during your player turn.

Does this mean that you can not play it as an action card (defense) during the German attack; and, if it is played as a force card, does it remain in place after the turn for that beach is done, or is it removed like any other action card? If it is only treated as an action card,is the card then used as a "force" card only for causality/force card removal purposes?

Last question: There are a couple of Airborn cards (allied) that say you can preform an action for free, and there is a few force cards that also say you can attack and not be "charged" an action. Doces this negate the rule that says a force card can only "attack" one time each turn allowing the force card to "attack" again for free or do you have to have two force cards in play to do a 2nd attack on that beach, even though you are doing a "free" action?

Thanks, really enjoy playing it and the Midway game.

Dan Verssen - Jul 6, 2004 2:30 pm (#13 Total: 129)  

Dan Verssen Games (DVG)  
[Verssen, Dan]

Always happy to answer questions. When we write the rules we do our best to answer all the questions, but there are always 'gray' areas. When players take the time to ask questions it means to me that they are enjoying the game and care enough to clear up those gray areas.

#1- Correct. The Axis has a 1/3 chance on Utah and Gold of flipping over a Force with the "no cost" attack and blasting the top Allied Force n turn #1.

#2- Stragglers. You play it during your turn. Place it on whichever Beach you are resolving. From then on, treat it as a normal Force card.

#3- Each Force can only attack once per turn. Some Forces say they can attack without spending an action, and the Airbornes give you +1 action. What this does is give you extra actions to have other Forces on that Beach attack, or to Activate other Forces on that Beach.

Great questions!

Thank you, -Dan

Bob Hamel - Jul 6, 2004 3:18 pm (#14 Total: 129)  

Currently playing: VITP,Hannibal,BKN,Tigers in Mist- Consim Blog - Hamel,Bob  
[Hamel, Bob]
Thanks for taking the time to post replies. Again this is a great little game that I am "talking up" with all my buddies since it's so quick to play but has a lot of playability and require much patience to "master". A real winner.

Derek Croxton - Jul 7, 2004 12:27 pm (#15 Total: 129)  

[Croxton, Derek]
I hate to belabour the point about stragglers, but I want to make sure I understand them:

When it says "play on the beach you are resolving," I take it that resolving does NOT mean "resolving an attack," but simply "taking an action on." The stragglers are just another force, not only "from then on," but always -- that is, they do not contribute to an attack. This is how I thought the rule was intended from the first, but the wording seems to leave open the possibility that the stragglers can be played to add into an attack, and then be treated as a regular force.

Thanks for your help.

Bob Hamel - Jul 9, 2004 8:16 am (#16 Total: 129)  

Currently playing: VITP,Hannibal,BKN,Tigers in Mist- Consim Blog - Hamel,Bob  
[Hamel, Bob]
We played another game last night and on turn 4 the Allies (due to no german forces left active or inactive) at Gold, Sword & Juno rolled up the German lines by killing units on the adjacent beach(es).

A few questions however: The Allied stragglers card, treated (played - NOT activated) can not be countered by the German card that forces the Allies to "de-activate" a card just activated; right? However, the German could "counter" this Stragglers card with a card that forces the Allies to remove a "card just played" - right?

Second, if there are no Germans active or inactive at Sword beach and there are two Allied force cards that are currently active - one attacks and can then remove an active or inactive German unit at Juno beach. If this removed unit is the "last unit" on Juno beach, what happens when the 2nd active Allied unit attacks, does it kill a unit on Gold? -- didn't think so but just wanted to check.

One final question; there are a few cards that say "you can use this card to modify attack but must discard a card in your hand; or similarly allow you to attack or modify an attack if you remove an uncommitted unit. What happens if you don't have a card in your hand/any uncommitted units left? Can you still use the card/modifier but just don't pay the penalty - or does this card then become ineligible to play since you don't have the (required) penalty card to pay for it's use.....this could also be important timingwise as you are required to perform this penalty at the end of your beach's turn....thus you could possibly plan on discarding but then over the course of the beach battle use up all your cards and then have none left over for discard.....

Finally (at least for today) a Comment/suggestion: In my intial example where the Allies literaly rolled over the German beaches on turn 5, perhaps instead of just having the units on the adjacent beach just die if there is no force on the current beach being attacked, allow the adjacent beach to "defend" but with a -3 or some equally high modifier. You would still have the "feel" of defenders being "flanked" but not just whipped out without even a token fight.

Dan Verssen - Jul 9, 2004 3:56 pm (#17 Total: 129)  

Dan Verssen Games (DVG)  
[Verssen, Dan]


You pretty much have the idea of how the card works.

You play it when you are playing cards for a Beach. Add the Stragglers card to the Forces at that Beach. From then on it is treated as a normal Force card. It does not modify the current combat.

-Dan Verssen

Dan Verssen - Jul 9, 2004 4:05 pm (#18 Total: 129)  

Dan Verssen Games (DVG)  
[Verssen, Dan]

Correct, Stragglers can be countered by Chaos, but not by Sea Mines.

Also correct, roll-over attacks only happen to adjacent Beaches.

If the text says to pay some penalty to gain a bonus, you can play the card without paying the penalty, but you don't get the bonus. If the card text says to pay a penalty to play/use the card, then you must pay the penalty to play/use the card.

Thank you, -Dan

Peter Bogdasarian - Jul 10, 2004 12:49 am (#19 Total: 129)  

[Bogdasarian, Peter]
Played my first game of this tonight, Dan - excellent fun. Things went back and forth until the Allies came out swinging on turn 4 (Germans burned too many cards attacking at "low" odds and got punished in the Allied attack phase) We followed it up with Starforce Terra (a truly bizzare game that managed to end in a 33 point tie!). Thanks for the games!

bill meyers - Jul 16, 2004 11:56 am (#20 Total: 129)  

[meyers, bill]
action cards

hi dan, just to clarify, can more than one action card be played at a time during an attack? the example shows a back & forth playing of one card at a time between allies & axis; just wondering if dropping a couple of action cards at a time is allowed- it may make the other side quit a battle. thanks,bill

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